The amount of time it takes to receive chargeback response results varies widely and is impacted by several different variables.

However, most merchants can expect to receive final outcomes about 60-90 days after the chargeback processing date (the date the cardholder’s bank filed the dispute).

It's important to note that final chargeback results will be displayed in Midigator as soon as they become available.

Some processors are able to provide results quicker than others. Depending on the processor(s) you work with, Midigator may be able to share results as early as 60 days after the chargeback processing date.

However, results typically take closer to 90 days.

You might see chargeback responses marked as “won” in your processor’s portal before 90 days have passed. However, these initial wins could be overturned and become losses—for example, if cases advance to pre-arbitration.

Therefore, it is best to wait the full 90 days and check Midigator's reporting so your results will be accurate. This user tutorial has details on how to view chargeback response results in Midigator.

If you have any questions about your results, please contact our support team via the chat feature or by emailing

If this feature isn’t visible in your Midigator account and you want to know why, read this article.

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