Chargeback response outcomes are listed on the Chargeback Manager page under the Completed CB tab.

1. Navigate to the Chargeback Manager page

2. Use the Date Range Selector to set the time period you want to monitor (note: if  you are checking results, it’s best practice to set the date filter for the prior 90-120 days)
3. Navigate to the Completed CB tab
4. Check the Result column in the data table

The report will list one of three possible outcomes for each case:

  1. Won: The cardholder’s bank has found in your favor. The cardholder will be charged a second time and the funds will be re-deposited into your account.
  2. Lost: The bank has found in the cardholder’s favor. The temporary refund that was issued to the cardholder will be finalized.
  3. Did Not Fight: Midigator has determined, based on your stipulated preferences, that the case shouldn’t be disputed.

If you are searching for a specific case number, use the Search All functionality to filter for that record quickly. Alternately, you could filter for the actual results—like show all the won cases.

To learn more about the data in the Chargeback Manager report, visit this user guide.

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