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Why Does My Variable Analytics Chart Say “No Data Available”?
Why Does My Variable Analytics Chart Say “No Data Available”?

Find out why some data might not be visible in your Midigator account.

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Occasionally, you may receive an error message while viewing the variable analytics charts.

This might happen if:

  • You are analyzing data early in the month and you haven’t received a chargeback yet. Once you receive a chargeback, the charts will populate.

  • You are trying to filter for information that isn’t applicable to the given variable. For example, trying to monitor billing cycle information for a merchant account that doesn’t process recurring payments.

  • The password and/or username associated with the given portal has expired and Midigator is unable to receive your data.

  • Midigator doesn't have an integration with the platform that contains the data needed to populate the chart. Read this user guide to learn more or contact our support team to upgrade your integration level.

If you suspect you are seeing this message because an active MID has been paused, check the status of your account.

  1. Navigate to the Accounts page

  2. Select the Portal Accounts tab.

  3. Check the Status column.

A Paused notation indicates the password and/or username has expired and Midigator is no longer able to access the account.

If you’ve changed login details for any of the accounts accessed by Midigator, please contact the Client Success team. You can reach them via the chat here in Midigator or by emailing

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