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I Set Some Notifications, But None Are Showing On My Dashboard. Why?
I Set Some Notifications, But None Are Showing On My Dashboard. Why?

Learn troubleshooting tips for the notifications feature.

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Midigator's notifications feature is a helpful feature that can help you monitor trends, identify potential issues, and act preemptively.

If you have already selected metrics to monitor but you aren't seeing them on your dashboard, there are a couple things you should check.

You are monitoring data in columns that have been hidden.

Midigator allows you to hide columns in the Merchant Account Chargeback Data report. If you’ve hidden the column that contains the data you want to monitor, your notifications won’t display in default mode.

Click the Show / Hide Columns button and ensure the data you want to monitor is displayed.

You’ve used the same label color for more than one notification.

Use a different color to identify each notification. Otherwise, you won’t be able to distinguish between issues.

For example, these two issues are easy to recognize.

That’s because the notifications were set with different colors.

Improperly color-coded notifications…

…could cause confusion.

You can set 5 notifications before colors will need to be duplicated.

Your pre-set thresholds haven’t been met yet.

This is good news! If your notifications aren’t showing, it could mean that you haven’t reached the thresholds you set. Counts, ratios, etc. could still be in the “safe” level.

If this feature isn’t visible in your Midigator account and you want to know why, read this article.

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