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How Do I Remove a Merchant Account From Midigator?
How Do I Remove a Merchant Account From Midigator?

Find how if data from a particular merchant account is displaying in Midigator

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If you'd like to remove a merchant account from your Midigator services, please contact our support team.

You can either email or use the chat feature in Midigator to connect with the team.

If you change a MID from active to inactive, you’ll still be able to access past data for that account. However, please be advised that if you request to delete a MID from your account, this will remove all past data and reporting access.

To monitor the status of your MIDs, visit the Accounts page.

MID information can be found under the Merchant Accounts tab.

Once a MID has been removed from analysis, it will display as inactive in the Status column.

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