Your prevention alert data is broken down and displayed in three different types of charts.


Prevention Alert Counter

The Prevention Analytics charts break down your data by different variables. This helps you determine why customers are disputing transactions so you can solve problems at their source and prevent future chargebacks.

Prevention alerts are often issued within a couple days of the transaction, but chargebacks arrive weeks or even months later. As a result, prevention alert data is a tip-off for the chargeback trends you can expect to see in the next 2-5 weeks.

Midigator makes it easy to analyze prevention alert data so you can identify problems earlier and resolve issues sooner.

You can review data by different variables, including marketing source, rebel cycle, price point, country, product, and BIN.

Each chart includes hover stats. On the bar graphs, you can hover over any portion of the chart and a popup box will appear.

On pie charts, hover over a different slice and a popup will appear.


Prevention Alerts as a Percentage of Chargebacks Chart

The second chart shows the coverage you are receiving across the different prevention networks and how that compares to the chargebacks you received during the same time period.

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