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How Can I Use the Prevention Analytics Charts to Reduce My Risk of Chargebacks?
How Can I Use the Prevention Analytics Charts to Reduce My Risk of Chargebacks?

Use detailed analytics to determine why customers are disputing transactions so you can solve problems at their source.

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Midigator's analytics and reporting provide unique information that can help identify the underlying cause of disputes and prevent chargebacks from happening.

The Prevention page in Midigator is rich with detailed data, which is broken down and displayed in four different types of charts.


Prevention Trends

The Prevention Trends report breaks down your prevention initiatives on a day-by-day or monthly basis for the date range selected. If you use more than one prevention service, the chart will show your cumulative activity across all technologies.

The data in this chart makes it easy to monitor daily or monthly trends and quickly take action on unexpected spikes in activity.


Wondering why some services have more coverage than others? Check this article to learn more about the different prevention alert vendors.


Prevention Coverage

This pie chart breaks down prevention cases by service. It shows the percent of disputes that were resolved compared to the percent that turned into chargebacks. Like all the charts on this page, data displayed is for the selected time range.

This data can help you monitor the effectiveness of each prevention service.


Completed Totals

The Completed Totals chart shows the number of prevention cases you’ve received and processed from each service during the selected date range.

The purpose of this chart is to help you understand ongoing activity at a glance.


Variable Analytics

The Variable Analytics charts break down data by different variables for the date range selected. This helps you determine why customers are disputing transactions so you can solve problems at their source and prevent future chargebacks.

Prevention cases are often issued within a couple days of the transaction, but chargebacks arrive weeks or even months later. As a result, prevention data is a tip-off for the chargeback trends you can expect to see in the next 2-5 weeks.

Midigator makes it easy to analyze prevention data so you can identify problems earlier and resolve issues sooner.

You can view charts for each of your different prevention services (Ethoca alerts, Verifi alerts, Order Insight, and Consumer Clarity). Click on each service option, and the charts will update.

For each service you use, data is broken down by different variables. Depending on your integration level, you may see charts for marketing source, billing cycle, price point, country, product, and BIN.


Check out our user guides for each individual chart:


The following are common questions that users have. If you have a question that isn't covered here, let us know. You can email or use the chat feature.

These charts are only showing some of my data. Why isn't everything displayed for each variable?

Many of the analytics charts show just 10 data sources. These 10 entries are the highest risk and in need of the most attention.

If you would like a more detailed report that analyzes all of your data, reach out to support ( We are happy to provide any custom reports you request.

Why am I not seeing alerts for American Express® and Discover®?

The alert process for American Express and Discover differs slightly from that used for Visa® and Mastercard®. Check this article to learn more.

I don't see these charts in my account. Why?

If these features aren’t visible in your Midigator account, read this article.

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