The View Breakdown feature shows all the individual chargeback cases that make up the data in the Variable Analytics charts.

This feature allows you to drill down into your data, achieve greater transparency, and create more effective management strategies.

Each Variable Analytics chart has a View Breakdown drawer. You can access this feature in one of two ways.

First, you can click on the View Breakdown button in the upper right corner of the Analytics page. From there, you can select the variable to analyze.

Alternately, you can click on any section of a Variable Analytics chart and the drawer will open. The data in the View Breakdown feature will show the chart you selected, along with a report of specific cases for the element you clicked. For example, all the chargebacks filed by US customers.

This Breakdown has two different data analysis components: a chart and a report. Each component has additional features.

Hover Stats

Hover over any portion of the chart and a popup box will display greater details, including things like transaction count, chargeback count, chargeback-to-transaction ratio, etc.

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