How Can I Use the Monthly Forecast Chart?
Learn how the monthly forecast chart can help you anticipate upcoming activity and take preemptive action.
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The Monthly Forecast chart helps predict end-of-month chargeback counts.

Use this information to keep an eye on chargeback volume throughout the month, and be alerted to potential threshold breaches. Then, take preemptive action to get counts back to a safe level.

Filtering Data by Source

The default setting for your Monthly Forecast chart is to show data for your entire portfolio. However, you have the ability to filter your data and break it down by different sources. For example, maybe you want to predict volume for a particular merchant account or processor.

  • Go to the Analytics page.

  • Click Entire Portfolio to add a filter (MID, Processor, Acquiring Bank, etc.).

  • In the second dropdown list, select specific processors or merchant accounts to analyze.

Date Range

You don’t need to change the date range for the Monthly Forecast chart.

The Monthly Forecast chart is a predictive tool, so it can’t be used to anticipate activity that happened in the past. Also, predictions are made for the current month only.

If you’d like to forecast what will happen in the future, check the Historical Performance chart. Review data from last year and predict what will happen during the same time period this year. You can also view historical data in the Chargeback Count widget. Monitor trends over time and predict future activity.

If this feature isn’t visible in your Midigator account and you want to know why, read this article.

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