The Merchant Account Chargeback Data report was created so you can monitor all activity for all your merchant accounts from a single dashboard.

It enables you to analyze important information quickly and at a glance. But you can also dive deep into a comprehensive report.

Various features allow you to analyze this report’s data in greater detail and learn more about your chargebacks.

Customize Columns

Midigator allows you to customize your reports so you can easily see the information that’s most important to you. One way you can do this is by hiding or viewing different columns of data.

  • Click the Show / Hide Columns menu above the Merchant Account Chargeback Data report.

  • Select the columns of data you want to view or hide from the default display.

Once you’ve determined which columns of data you’d like displayed in your default view, you can change the order of the columns

  • Click and drag column headings to re-organize your report

The selections you make will become your new default view and will be saved for your next visit.

You can also sort the data in any of your columns.

  • Click the arrows in any column to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Customize Rows

In addition to customizing the columns of data, you can also limit the number of rows that display on your Merchant Account Chargeback Data report.

Click on the Actions menu and hide any merchant account from the default view.

You may want to hide a merchant account if it is no longer active or you aren’t interested in monitoring it anymore.

If you’d like to unhide a merchant account and include it to your default view, click Visible MIDs above the Merchant Account Chargeback Data report. Click the Hidden MIDs option in the dropdown menu.

You can then click the Actions menu and select Unhide MID.

Search for Specific Data

The Merchant Account Chargeback Data report has a search feature. Enter any value you want to find. You can search your entire report or specifically focus on one characteristic–like Visa ratio or sales volume.

Take a Deep Dive into Your Merchant Account Data

You have the ability to drill down and analyze activity on a more granular level.

There are two ways you can access this information.

1. Click any MID number in the MID column of your Merchant Account Chargeback Data report. The MID numbers are links.

2. Click “View Details” from the menu in the Actions column for any merchant account.

Either of these actions will take you to a page with a breakdown of all activity on the MID you selected.

In addition to various charts and graphs, this page also contains a Daily Breakdown report. This report has all the same columns as the Merchant Account Chargeback Data report, displaying counts, ratios, etc. on a day-by-day basis.

This report has the same functionality as the Merchant Account Chargeback Data report – showing/hiding columns, changing column order, sorting column data, and searching for variables.

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