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Why Didn't I Receive My Prevention Alert Report?
Why Didn't I Receive My Prevention Alert Report?

The following article explains how to set up emails for prevention reports. It also explains possible troubleshooting techniques.

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Midigator has a Notifications feature that can send you emails with your prevention alert data.

If you aren’t receiving reports as regularly as you expected, please check the following things:

Step 1: Confirm you are signed up for reports rather than threshold notifications.

Midigator offers two types of notifications: reports and threshold notifications. The reports will export your prevention alert data and send a CSV to your inbox any time you have new alerts that need to be processed. The threshold notifications will send an email only when certain conditions have been reached (such as your chargeback ratio has exceeded 1%).

To enroll in prevention reports, follow these steps.

  1. Click the "Notifications" tab on the sidebar.

  2. Check the box for "Send Daily Prevention Report."

  3. Enter your email address and click the "+" icon to save your information.

  4. Add any additional emails with the same process.

Step 2: If you're still not receiving your reports, try troubleshooting with the following options.

  1. Look in your junk or spam folder to see if your reports are automatically being filtered by your email provider. 

  2. Add info@midigator to your address book or contact list to route future emails directly to your inbox.

  3. If you use an email forwarding service, check to make sure your settings are configured properly. 

If you still aren’t receiving your prevention alert reports, please reach out to the client success team via the chat feature or by emailing

If this feature isn’t visible in your Midigator account and you want to know why, read this article.

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