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Why Does DisputeFlow® Have Strict File Size Limitations For Uploads?
Why Does DisputeFlow® Have Strict File Size Limitations For Uploads?

An overview of the correct file types and sizes to use with DisputeFlow, as well as tips on how to compress files to an appropriate size

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The DisputeFlow platform has a feature that allows users to upload files. This feature can be used in a couple different ways.

  • You can upload compelling evidence while generating a chargeback response with the DisputeFlow builder.

  • You can upload a completed chargeback response that you created yourself.


File Types and Size Requirements

The types of files you upload and their sizes will depend on what you trying to accomplish within the DisputeFlow feature.

If you are uploading compelling evidence

  • File Types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .pdf

  • File Size: up to 5 files with a maximum of 500kb each

If you are uploading a completed dispute response

  • File Types: .pdf

  • File Size: a single file with a maximum of 8mb


Why Does DisputeFlow Have Strict Limitations?

Midigator’s goal is to help you win as many chargebacks as possible. We aim to remove the complexities that could negatively impact your win rate — and file size is one such example.

Processors set strict limitations on maximum file size for chargeback responses. If your chargeback response is larger than the limit, your case may be rejected. This would be an automatic loss and revenue would be permanently sacrificed.

Therefore, DisputeFlow’s technology carefully monitors file size so that your submission doesn’t violate the processor’s requirements and you have the best possible chance of winning.


How to Compress Files to an Appropriate Size

If you receive an error message in DisputeFlow stating that your file is too large, you can compress the file — or make it smaller — so it is within the acceptable limit.

You are welcome to use any method or tool available to compress your files. If you’d like a suggestion, we recommend the following:


Still have questions?

If you continue to have issues with the file upload feature, please use the chat feature in Midigator to contact our team. You can also check the other DisputeFlow articles in the help center.

If you don't have access to DisputeFlow and want to know why, read this article.

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