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Why Don't I See All of Midigator's Features? Why Does My Portal Look Different?
Why Don't I See All of Midigator's Features? Why Does My Portal Look Different?

This article explains why some items might not be visible in your chargeback portal

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One of Midigator's primary goals is to simplify dispute management. As part of that goal, we created a help center to guide you through some of the more challenging parts of the chargeback process. And, we want to make sure you are experiencing all the benefits that the technology has to offer.

However, despite our best efforts, there might still be some confusion about what you see in Midigator and why it is different from what you find in our help center.

The following addresses some of the most common questions that merchants have.

Why don't I have that feature?

Midigator's technology is robust and capable of providing a comprehensive dispute management strategy. It includes services to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks. And our help center has user guides for the different features that are available.

Some merchants use all of Midigator's services; other merchants opt for a limited experience. Therefore, the look and functionality of your portal might be drastically different from another user's. Here are some examples of how Midigator's functionality may differ by user.

Since we need to be prepared to offer support to all our users and all our service levels, you might find materials in the help center that aren't relevant to you. Feel free to skip over any user guides that don't relate to your chargeback portal experience.

If you would like to add a new service to your Midigator account, please contact our support team via the chat or by emailing We'd be happy to help you create a more complete strategy.

Why won't this chart load any data?

Our services have a couple different integration options. Some merchants are able to connect multiple data points while others opt for a simpler integration strategy.

The more data you funnel into Midigator, the more charts and reports we'll be able to generate. But if we don't have access to certain platforms (for example, your order management system), we won't be able to provide all our analytics. In these situations, you may see a message like this:

Not only will these charts be unavailable in your chargeback portal, you'll also discover some of our help center articles are irrelevant. Again, please feel free to skip any resources that aren't applicable to your integration level.

If you'd like to upgrade your integration level so you can view more charts and reports, please contact our support team. We can walk you through the different options.

Why does my chargeback portal experience look different than the help center tutorials?

A lot of our help center articles include screenshots and videos of the Midigator experience. Matching what you see in the tutorials to what you see in the portal makes troubleshooting as easy as possible.

However, there are some situations where the two visuals might not match up perfectly. And there are a couple reasons why that could happen.

  • Updates: Midigator's functionality is occasionally updated and enhanced. If we haven't edited our help center to reflect the new experience, you might reference a guide that looks slightly different.

  • Prototypes: We take screenshots of product prototypes instead of the actual Midigator technology. We don't want to disclose any of our clients' private information, so we create mockups with imitation data. Sometimes, our mockups use colors or styles that differ from the portal.

Despite any potential confusion, we hope the Midigator help center is a useful resource for you and your team.

If you have any questions, please use the chat feature or email

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