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March 2023
New Feature | RDR Cases on the Prevention Page
New Feature | RDR Cases on the Prevention Page

A new attribute now supports RDR within our prevention product.

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Product Update Availability

Who is impacted by this product update?

All enrolled RDR users

When is the anticipated release date?

March 03, 2023

Product Update Overview & Purpose

We are excited to announce we now report RDR (Rapid Dispute Resolution) cases within the completed prevention cases table. All RDR cases are ingested and displayed within our redesigned analytic charts on the Prevention Page.

With this update, the following is now available:

  • RDR cases will be reflected in prevention trends, prevention coverage, and completed totals tables.

  • A new RDR tab has been introduced in the variable analytics section.

  • RDR cases have been backfilled from Jan 1st, 2023.

Please note, this is the first iteration of this feature. Only RDR counts are reporting. Additional feature enhancements, such as matching RDR cases to orders, enrolling in RDR match events, and any automatic CRM actions (blacklisting, marking orders as RDR, etc.) will be released in further feature updates.

Do you have questions about this product update or the features that have been impacted? Reach out to our support team. You can use the chat feature or email

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