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Midigator Release Notes
August 2023
Feature Enhancement | New Default Date Range
Feature Enhancement | New Default Date Range

Instead of displaying month-to-date data, your dashboard will show data from the past 30 days.

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Product Update Availability

Who is impacted by this product update?

All users for Midigator app

(internal and external)

When is the anticipated release date?

August 16th

Product Update Overview and Purpose

The default date range in Midigator has been updated to show the last 30 days, rather than month-to-date. (MTD). When signing in on the first of the month, you now have increased visibility on alerts that occurred on the last day(s) of the previous month. You will still have to ability to select a custom date range or use the other in-app date shortcuts.

Steps to Reach Product Update

  1. Sign in to the Midigator app.

  2. The default date range now displays the last 30 days.

3. Select the date picker to change or customize the date range to your preference.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality and look forward to continually improving our platform to better meet your needs.

Do you have questions about this product update? Reach out to our support team. You can use the chat feature or email

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